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The biggest games media brand in SE Europe and the organizers of Reboot InfoGamer consumer games show and the huge international Reboot Develop games industry conference series.



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AOC Gaming

AOC is one of the global top brands in the display market, producing high quality gaming monitors designed for premium performance. Screen tearing and blurring are not a problem anymore - AOC fulfills the needs of demanding gamers, esports enthusiasts and professional players for wallet-cuddling prices. AOC combines features such as 144Hz, 1ms, low input lag, G-SYNC, Adaptive Sync, QHD and even curved displays to guarantee an intense gaming experience.



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H18 Megastore

H18 Megastore is one of the leading specialised Croatian sellers of electronic equipment, specialising in gaming brands.



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E-BLUE Gaming

E-BLUE is a 16x Award winning gaming furniture & gaming gears company. Their mission is to bring stylish, trendy and high quality products to the worldwide end-users under reasonable price! E-BLUE's culture constantly focus on the fundamentals of competitive gaming by associating with some of the world best PC gamers and teams.



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Divinus Victoria

Divinus Victoria je medijska kuća specijalizirana za vanjsko oglašavanje na digitalnim video zaslonima velikog formata. Cilj Divinus Victorie uvođenje je nove tehnologije na područje vanjskog oglašavanja.

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